12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board. Here you can download guess papers for Inter part II classes for the 2023. Please note that Jano.com.pk Notes provide free resources like guess papers, notes, e-books, and other helpful material for all the classes and the students Guess papers / Past Paper for F.Sc, F.A, I. Com and All Inter classes 11, &12.we are here to provide you with 2023 12th Class guess papers for all chessboards in Punjab. These 2023 second-year guess papers are provided to 12th Class students so that they can fully prepare for board examinations in all subjects.12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board.

Punjab Board 12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023

These speculation files for all boards of Punjab are available online or downloaded. These second-year guess test papers are designed like your board exam. Students can get the 12th level guessing test papers in pdf format from here, and can prepare these important guessing test papers online and offline in order to get better results in the exam. In order to get better scores, students must practice these advantageous guessing test papers. Grade 2 students can obtain guessing papers for all subjects in Grade 12 on Educatehell.com. Students can also get past essays and online lectures from grade 12, which are of great help to students. Download the second year 2023 guessing essay in pdf format. The essay is available on Jano.Com.Pk and is the number one website that provides students with important online information about learning.

12th Class Chemistry PDF
ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Periodic Classification Of Elements And PeriodicityEnglish Medium
2S-Block ElementsEnglish Medium
3Group III A and Group IVA ElementsEnglish Medium
4Group VA and Group VIA ElementsEnglish Medium
5The Halogens And The Noble GasesEnglish Medium
6Transition ElementsEnglish Medium
7Fundamental Principles of Organic ChemistryEnglish Medium
8Aliphatic HydrocarbonsEnglish Medium
9Aromatic HydrocarbonsEnglish Medium
10Alkyl HalidesEnglish Medium
11Alcohols, Phenols And EthersEnglish Medium
12Aldehydes and KetonesEnglish Medium
13Carboxylic AcidsEnglish Medium
14MacromoleculesEnglish Medium
15Common Chemical Industries in PakistanEnglish Medium
16Environmental ChemistryEnglish Medium

Remember that the 12th Class Guess Paper of pure study changes every year. Paper is made every year according to the new Schedule. Therefore, this Schedule is for the 2023 year only. I will update this page for the 2023 next year”.

Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board 12th Class

The 2023 Grade 10 Chemistry Guessing Test Paper is prepared for Grade 10 students. You will find these notes very useful and helpful. They describe important issues in the 10th category of chemistry chapters. You can also choose to prepare online or download the pdf. These important chemistry 10 types of guess papers 2023 can also be saved in pdf files.You are viewing the correct web page for the 2023 level 10 chemical gas test paper in English or Urdu. The tenth grade best-selling chemistry papers have been uploaded in two formats. For all Punjab boards, our important biological papers related to the Tenth Standard are suitable for use.

12th Class Chemistry Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

These include BISE in FaisalabadLahoreGujranwalaDeraghazi KhanSargodhaSahiwalMultan and Jammu and Kashmir.Chemical research is one of the most challenging sciences. As far as mathematics is concerned, we can say that the chemistry subject in middle school is similar to the basic level. Candidates whose essay is weak are actually not interested in this essay. At the time of writing this article, you may not have heard of the importance of this article or anything else.

2nd year guess paper 2020 pdf download 100% Success and chapter wize mcqs short and long question

12th Class Chemistry Past Paper 2021 pdf Objective DG Khan BoardDownload View
12th Class Chemistry Past Paper 2021 pdf Subjective DG Khan BoardDownload View

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BoardUniversity, College
Class12th Class
keyword12th Class Chemistry guess paper
QualificationFA, ICS FSC

Guess for all subjects F.Sc Part 2, class 12th

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I am giving a link to the guess which is a complete folder containing all the subjects guess for class 12th all boards in Punjab.

12th Class Long Question , McQs & Short Question Important 2023Download
12th Class MCQs Chemistry 2021Download
12th Class Long Question Short Question Important 2023Download

12th Class – 2nd Year Past Board Paper (2023) Chemistry

Paper Chemistry (1st Group )
Paper Code 12021
Group Total Marks 68
Time 2 Hour 40 Mint

Q: NO 2
Give the Answers of the Following (Eight ) 8 any short question s:

1- Why Na + is smaller than Na atom ?
2- What do you know about S- block element ? Give two example ?
3- Give two properties of Alkaline Earth Metals ?
4- Give two formulas of Sylvite and spodumene ?
5- What happen when borax is dissolved in water ?
6- Give two uses of of Boric Acid ?
7- Give two points regarding peculiar behaviour of carbon ?
8- Give two method of preparation of No2 ?
9- Give two dissimilarties between Oxygen and Sulphur ?
10-What are nitrogenous fertilizer ? Give two example ?
11-Why Potassium fertilizer are important for plants ? give one example of a potassium fertilizer ?
12- Define cement ? Why is it called Portland Cement ?

Q: NO 3
Give the Answers of the Following (Eight ) 8 any short questions:

1- How does oxidation state of halogen affect the acidic strength of oxyacids of halogens ?
2- write factors affecting the oxidizing power of halogens ?
3- Write reaction of chlorine with cold and NaOH ?
4- Define substitution alalloys and give one example ?
5- Why transition element show colour ?
6- Write objection to Kekule formula of benzene ?
7- Compare the reactivity of benzene ?
8- How will you distinguish between methanal and ethanal ?
9- Write chemistry of Fehling solution test ?
10- Write reaction of acetic acid with a) PCl 5 b) SOCl 2
11- Give mechanism of esterification ?
12- Write Manufacture of acetic acid from acetylene ?

Guess Paper Chemistry 2023 ( Part 1)

2nd Year Important long questions of Chemistry

Chapter # 1
* Position of hydrogen
* Periodic trends (ionization energy?

Chapter 2
Peculiar behaviour of lithium and beriliyum and lithuim + preperation of nelson and down cell

Chapter #4
Preperation of sulphuric acid + nitric acid

Chapter 6
Corrosion + properties of transition elements

Ch 7
Reforming + cracking + hybridization + classification of organic compounds + isomerism

Mai se kuch bhi asakta par
Acidic nature of alkyne zyada bar aya hai

Ch 9
Atomic orbital treatment + friedal craft reactions

Sn 1 + sn 2 , e1 + e2
Plus conversions

11 chap
Preperation of Alcohol from molasses+ reaction and prepartion of phenol

Ch # 12
Aldol + cannizaro

Guess Paper Chemistry 2023 ( Part 2 )

2nd year chem guess.
1.Modern periodic table. Pisition of hydrogen in periodic table
Ch 2..preparation of sodiun and sodium hydro oxide.
Peculiar behaviour of Be.
Ch.4..preparation of nitric acid and reaction .
Preparation of sulphuric acid and reactions
Ch.6.. paramagnetism .
oxidation state and colours of transition elements.
Corrosion .
Ch.7..Reforming Cracking. Isomresim. Hybridization
Ch.8.. preparation of alkane alkene and alkyne by kolbes method.
halogenation of alkane.
mustard gas.
uses of alkaene alkene and alkyne.
Ch.9..preparation of benzene. Freidal craft reactions. Sulphonation and nitration of benzene . Ortho .para anad meta directing groups.
Ch 10..SN1 and SN2 . E1 and E2 reactions with mechanism.
Ch.11.. lucas test . Reactions of alcohols. Preparation of phenol . Acidic nature of phenol
Ch.12. Aldol and cannizarros reactions with mechanism.reactions of carbonyl compounds with ammoni derivatives. Idetifaction tests of caronyl compounds
…..All mcqs of exercises and all short questions of exercises

12th Class |  2nd year  Guess Paper 2023

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