12th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

10th Class Urdu Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board

12th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board. Here are the notes of all subjects for 2nd year students. You can download these notes in PDF format. The notes are including all subjects chemistry, biology, physics, maths, etc. The notes are both of short questions and MCQs of all subjects for F.Sc part II. Urdu is a very important subject. All Pakistani students read this article with great interest. On this page, we will share with you Urdu 12th Class and this year’s complete assessment report. Urdu Guess Paper 2023 get a lot of benefits from these assessment papers, and then get good grades in the annual exams, and then be admitted to a good college or university.

12th Class Urdu PDF
ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul AzizUrdu Medium
2Tashkeel e PakistanUrdu Medium
3Nawab Mohsin ul MalikUrdu Medium
4Mehnat pasand Khirad MandUrdu Medium
5Akbari ki HamaqateinUrdu Medium
6Pehli FatahUrdu Medium
7DastakUrdu Medium
8HawaiUrdu Medium
9Molana Zafar AliUrdu Medium
10Qartaba ka QaziUrdu Medium
11MawasalatUrdu Medium
12Molvi Nazeer AhmadUrdu Medium
13Ek SafarnamaUrdu Medium
14Ayub AbassiUrdu Medium
15Hissa NazamUrdu Medium
16Hissa GhazalUrdu Medium

Urdu Guess Paper 2023 12th Class | 2nd Year

FBISE will conduct the HSSC annual exam Islamabad Intermediate within the federal jurisdiction. The Education Committee is composed of the following Islamabad Capital Territory, camps and garrisons throughout Pakistan, northern areas under federal jurisdiction, and overseas Pakistanis (Pakistan International School). Download FBISE Islamabad HSSC Model Paper 2023 for Inter, 11th, 12th class, FBISE Board HSSC exams are held in March every year. Private and general students take the exam every year. The 11th and 12th Federal Council Examinations are conducted by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) and are limited to Islamabad.FBISE Federal Board HSSC 11th12th Class Model Paper 2023 Available students You can download it in PDF format from this web page at the link given below. 12th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board.

12th Class | 2nd Year Urdu Guess Paper 2023

FBISE ordinary students and private students prepare for the exam based on these sample papers, and students must register for the 2023 annual exam.Therefore, if you are also a student who has registered yourself as an ordinary student or a private student, it is recommended to download these model papers of FBISE Board HSSC-II. The HSSC-I guess paper must prepare all subjects. The model essay is a very useful complete material provided by the official education committee. Students only need to download the Federation Council HSSC 11th, 12th Class Past Paper 2023 to obtain all important subjects, including Compulsory For All, Science Group, Pre-Medical Group, Pre-Engineering Group, Comprehensive Science Group, Humanities Group, Business Group, Medical Technology Group etc.

How to get 2nd Year Urdu Guess Paper 2023

The Federation Council HSSC 2023 Level 11 and Level 12 sample papers have announced that all HSSC students of the Islamabad Federal Secondary Education Committee of Pakistan who are preparing to take the 2023 annual examination can download the Federation Council HSSC I and HSSC – II sample papers in 2023. Download our Web portal,The Federal Council HSSC exam will begin in April 2023. This is the golden time for students to prepare for exams. All students who want to improve their test scores can download the 11th and 12th issue of the Federal Council’s guessing essay in 2023.

Guess Paper 2023 12th Class | 2nd Year Urdu Download

These papers are roughly suitable for all boards of directors in Pakistan, and we have made estimates after extensive research on past papers and in-depth research on this book. Assuming that the essay is important, this allows students to have a complete understanding of the book, and students get a lot of benefits from evaluating the essay. Guess these books cover all the important questions in the book. You can get all books and all boarding passes online for free from this page. If you are a 12th grade student, you will benefit a lot from these estimation files. Students can also obtain complete assessment papers in Urdu A and Urdu B from Jano.Com.Pk. The Federal Intermediate and Secondary Education Commission (FBISE) Islamabad will conduct the 2023 Intermediate 11 and 12 high school certificate annual exams. Only download the FBISE Islamabad HSSC model paper 2023 on the official website.

BoardPunjab Board
keyword12th Class Urdu Notes 2023 Lahore ,Multan ,Faisalabad Board
QualificationFSC, ICS,FA

12th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

Urdu is a very important subject and all students of the Pakistan read this subject with great interest and in this page we are going to share with you complete guess paper of Urdu for class 12th and all those students of appear in annual exam under board this year. they get many advantages from these guess papers and then got good marks in annual exam and then got admission in good college or university. These guess papers are valid for all boards of Pakistan and we made guess papers, after the great research on past papers and complete study of the book.

update14 March
Class2nd year
Board12th Class Urdu GUess Paper is only for the Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Dera Ghazi Khan Board ,Multan Board and Kashmir Board
Key word12th Class Urdu 2023 Lahore Board- all Boards Guess Paper are here..

12th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

Guess Papers have great importance and it gives the complete idea of the book to a students and a students get many advantages from guess papers. Guess papers tell about the all important question of the book. You can get all books and all boards guess papers online free from this page. If you are a student of 12th class then you get many advantages from these guess papers. Students can also get Urdu A & Urdu B complete guess paper from Jano.Com.Pk.

Inter Part 2 Urdu Guess Paper 2023


  • Hamd = Stanzas: 4,5,6
  • Khuda Sarsabz Rakhy = Stanzas:5
  • Naat = Stanzas: 2,5,6,7
  • Islami Masawat = Stanzas:1,4
  • Nojwano Say Khitab = Stanzas:1,3,5
  • Aadmi = Stanzas:2,5
  • Tughaiur = Stanzas:6
  • Aik Kohistani Safar Ka Doran = Stanzas: 5


  • Dard 2 = Stanzas:1,2,3
  • Dard 1 = Stanzas:2,3,5,6
  • Ghalib 1 = Stanzas:1,2,4
  • Ghalib 2 = Stanzas:5
  • Mushafi 1 = Stanzas:2,3,5
  • Mushafi 2 = Stanzas:1,4
  • Allami Iqbal = Stanzas:3,5,6
  • Nasir Kazmi = Stanzas:1,3,4,5

Sabaq Ka Khalasa

  • Akbari Ke Hamaqaten
  • Pahli Fateh
  • Munaqib Umar Bin Abdul Aziz
  • Nawab Mohsin Mulk
  • Dastak
  • Qurtaba Ka Qazi

Nazam Ka Khalas

  • Ayub Abbasi
  • Hamd
  • Khuda Sarsabz Rakhy is Chaman ko
  • Islami Masawat
  • Suragh Rah ro
  • Aadmi


  • Rahmatul-lil-alameen (saw)
  • Hamari Qoomi Zooban
  • Dahshatgardi Aik Nasoor
  • Islam aik Mukammal Zabta e Hayat
  • Mera Pasandeeda Shair , Allama Iqbal
  • Aik Hon Harm ki Paspani Ka Liey
  • Taleem E Niswan Ke Zarorat Aur Ahmiat
  • Manshiat Aik Laanat
  • Waqt Ke Pabandi
  • Hub Watan Aur Iskay Tuqazy


  • Walid Ka Naam Hostel Ke Shab o Roz Say Agah Karne Ka Liey
  • Walida Ka Naam Taleemi Karkardgi Ka Haal Ka Bary Me
  • Bhai Ka Naam Cigeratte Noshi Tark Karny Ka liey
  • Ustaad Ka Naam Shandar Kamyabi Ka Liey
  • Bhai ka Na Ham Nisabi Sargarmioun Ka Liey
  • Dost Ka Naam Books Udhar Mangwany Ka Liey

12th Class |  2nd year  Guess Paper 2023

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