How To Get SCOM Loan – Get Advance Emergency Loan

SCOM Loan Code

Get free SCOM Loan Code service provided by SCO. When there is no remaining balance on your SCOM SIM, you are able to make use of this service. In addition, there is only one code that must be dialed whenever it is required. After that, you will be able to successfully obtain the cash advance.

Particularly so if you make use of a smartphone. Then you will need to have a SIM card and some available credit. in order for both the SIM card and the balance to be useful in case, they are ever required.

However, there are times when we have to find a balance. In addition, when we check the remaining balance on our current SIM card, we find that it has been depleted. In the event that this happens to you or for any other reason, you will require an emergency balance.

Therefore, there is no need for you to be concerned because the SCOM loan is providing customers the opportunity to obtain an advance balance. Stay tuned, because we are going to explain how to get a loan on SCOM SIM right now. Also, Review All SCOM Internet Packages Code.

SCOM Advance loan Code

There is no need for concern if you find yourself in a location where you are unable to recharge your SIM card. Your Scom card load code will allow you to check the balance of any available advances.

Simply Dial *135# at this time to get a SCOM advance balance, and you will receive an instant loan of Rs. 15; however, the amount of the loan will be reduced by Rs. 2 the next time the SIM card is recharged.

  • SCOM Loan Code
  • Sub-Code: *135#
  • Advance Loan: Rs.15 
  • Service Charges: Rs. 2 

Get an Emergency loan from SCOM

If you find yourself in a position where you require an immediate balance, you have the option of obtaining a loan from SCOM. In order to be eligible for a SCOM loan balance, the amount that is currently in your account must be less than 5 rupees. Dial *135# on your keypad to take advantage of the SCOM advance. After that, you will receive 15 rupees.

Recharge SCOM Card

Have you recently acquired an SCO Card and are looking to reload it onto your existing number? Do not be concerned, as this article will provide you with a comprehensive solution to recharging your SCOM Card. Dial the number *126*PIN No#, and when prompted, enter the digits that appear on the SCOM card that you have purchased in the space provided.

SCOM Balance Check Code

For SCOM Balance Check Simply dial *125# to get a cost-free inquiry about the current balance of either your prepaid or postpaid SIM card with SCOM.

Services Features

ServiceProcedureCharges (ex Tax)
Balance Query For Pre Paid and Postpaid Subscribers*125#
To Recharge Card*126*PIN No #
Recharge for Others*126*SCOM-No*PIN#
Balance Transfer*128*Amount*Mob No#
Free Minutes and Bundle Query*125# then Reply 1
Friend and Family(F&F)*133# or Dial 125 and follow IVRActivation fee PKR. 30 (Add 5 Nos Free, Changing of number PKR 15 per modification.
SCOM Loan*135#Service Charges PKR 2
Low Balance Notification ServiceActivated By DefaultFree Activation
Call Cost Notification ServiceActivated By DefaultFree Activation
Missed Call Alerts Activation with English languagePress *127*1*1# or Send ” CHMCN 1″ to 373PKR 20
Missed Call Alerts Activation with Urdu languagePress *127*1*2# or Send ” CHMCN 2″ to 373PKR 20
Missed Call Alerts DeactivationPress*127*2# or Send “UNMCN” to 373
Package activation/changePress *725# or Dial 725Charges PKR 10
Call ConferenceActivated By DefaultFree Activation
Call ForwardingActivated By DefaultFree Activation
Call waitingActivated By DefaultFree Activation
SMS Blocking Feature ActivateSend “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 420PKR 1 per day
SMS Blocking Feature Add NumberSend “ADD 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
SMS Blocking Feature Del NumberSend “DEL 92355xxxxxxx” to 420
SMS Blocking Feature QuerySend “QU” to 420
SMS Blocking Feature DeactivateSend “UNSUB” to 420
SMS Forwarding Feature ActivateSend “SUB 92355xxxxxxx” to 373Activation Fee PKR 5 per week
SMS Forwarding Feature QuerySend “QU” to 373
SMS Forwarding Feature DeactivatedSend “UNSUB” to 373
Internet settings (Pull)Send “Setting” to 605 or Follow GPRS Setting Link

Value added Services

 Bulk SMS: Corporate Bulk SMS is an SMS broadcasting service
that enables corporate users to promote their business,
ideas and services by sending messages to SCOM Customers
SCOM Helpline 355
Sponsor Call:Sponsor Call Service is an IVR based service
that enables corporate users to promote their business,
ideas and services through IVR to SCOM users.
SCOM Helpline 355
Closed User GroupClose User Group is a unique‚ value-adding service aimed at providing customized solutions in accordance with your
corporate needs. It allows groups within an organization to communicate with each other on highly discounted rates.
You can now manage the flow of communication and thereby increases the productivity of your employees. It offers great flexibility of call control, so you can determine access levels for each and every member in the group.
Rs. 50 / 150 Mins
Rs. 150 / 500 Mins
Rs. 500 / 5000 Mins


How to Get Scom Loan Advance Balance?

To get your advance balance, dial *135# from your Scom SIM card.

Charges: PKR 2 (two hundred rupees).

How to Share Scom Sim Balance to other Scom Sims?

Select your Dialer Option and dial *128*Amount*Mob No# (for instance, *128*300*0337xxxxxx#). After that, share your balance with the other party.

How to Recharge a Card?

Now all you have to do is open your dialer and dial *126*PIN No #. For example, Scom Loan Advance Balance will recharge *126*678676336464 # and your sim account.

How do I get an emergency loan from SCOM?

If you require an emergency balance, you can obtain a loan from scom. Your account balance should be less than Rs 5 to qualify for a scam loan balance. To take advantage of the scom advance, dial *135#. You will then be given Rs 15.

How can I get a mobile loan balance?

If your Aircel balance is less than Rs. 10, you can get a Talktime loan from the network by dialling *414#, calling 12880, or sending the message ‘SMS LOAN’ to 55414. If your Aircel balance is less than Rs. 10, you can get a Talktime loan from the network by dialling *414#, calling 12880, or sending the message ‘SMS LOAN’ to 55414. You will be compensated with Rs.


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