10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board

10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2023 In English

Computer science is an interesting and amazing science subject. The students of matric have choice to select either biology or computer science. Students which are interesting in computer science and want to adapt this subject in the future career choose this subject. For the better preparation of this subject in the exam, 10th class computer science guess paper 2023 is available here for all students of 10th class. The students can easily get these important guess papers from here.

10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board.Computer science is an interesting and surprising scientific subject. Students of the matric can choose biology or computer science. Students who are interest in computer science and want to adapt to this subject in their future careers choose this subject.For the practice of the Computer Science Board exam, these 10 classes of computer guess papers are very useful.10th Class Computer Science Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board.

Punjab Board 10th Class Computer Science Guess Paper

These guessing test papers will give you an idea of ​​your Computer Science Board exam. The computer science guess paper is entire board exam. These guess papers consist of the same number of MCQsshort questions and long questions, which will be ask in the board examination. You can get better exam practice through these important matric computer science guessing Guess papers the Computer Science Paper for Matric

10th Class Computer Science PDF Guess Paper
ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Introduction to programmingEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
2User InteractionEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
3Conditional LogicEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
4Data and RepetitionEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
5FunctionsEnglish MediumUrdu Medium

Computer Science Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board 10th Class

These useful guess papers are provided to students in Urdu and English. Students can also download the computer science 10th guess essay in pdf format and learn about their exams. Our experienced teachers made these guess papers based on the Punjabi board pattern. Now, 10th grade students can get these guess test papers online on the Educatehell.com website, or download them.

Guess Paper 2023 Punjab Board 10th Class Computer Science

Since you are a tenth grade student, computer is an important and necessary subject for you. Biology is a practical subject, so it is consider a rigorous subject. You don’t have to worry about the exam because we’ve uploaded the best assessment of the 10th grade computer so that you can get a high score on the exam. Our best assessment papers include important short questions and long questions, which are common in all previous Punjab committee exams. This means that many problems can actually be test by guessing at the problem.

Guess Papers of Computer Science for Matric

You board exam pattern is followed in these guess papers. These beneficial guess papers are provided to students in both Urdu medium and English medium. The students can also download computer science 10th  guess paper in pdf and can get idea about their exam. Our experienced teachers made these guess papers according to the Punjab board pattern. Now, 10th class students can get these guess papers online on Jano.Com.Pk website and can also download.

10th Class Computer Guess Paper 2023

  1. What is a computer?
  2. Define data and data processing.
  3. Define information technology.
  4. Define the term Global village.
  5. What is digital convergence?
  6. Define digital camera.
  7. How is printer resolution measured?
  8. What is the use of MICR?
  9. Describe pilot conversion.
  10. What is feasibility study?
  11. What do you mean by QWERTY?
  12. What is a joy stick?
  13. Define the term Computer word.
  14. Define workgroup and groupware.
  15. How is the use of Internet affecting our society? Give your comments.
  16. What is a CSMA/CD?
  17. Define and differentiate between ISDN and DSL.
  18. What do you mean by CSMA/CR?
  19. Define dedicated server. (i.e file server, data server, network server, newsgroup server,
  20. Define Host, Server, Client computer.
  21. Differentiate between downloading and uploading.
  22. Write short note on TCP/IP?
  23. Describe Metropolitan Area Network.
  24. How data can be represented in computer system?
  25. What is data communication? Write the name of the basic elements of data communication.
  26. Differentiate between parallel and serial transmission?
  27. Differentiate between Synchronous and Asynchronous transmission?
  28. What are various types of data used in a data communication system?
  29. Define amplitude.
  30. Explain the term Baseband, Bandwidth.
  31. List three features of modem.
  32. What is mail merge?
  33. What is office automation?
  34. Describe the Simulation in computer field.
  35. What is E-Commerce? Describe the services commonly used in e-commerce.
  36. What is Cyber banking or E-banking?
  37. What do you know about ROBOT?
  38. Define monitoring system in hospital.
  39. How computer can be used in marketing?
  40. Differentiate between CAD and CAM.
  41. Define the term video conferencing.
  42. Email (Advantages, Limitation of email)
  43. What is motherboard?
  44. Compare compiler and interpreter.
  45. Define stack.
  46. List out the name of general purpose registers.
  47. Describe Fetch-Decode-Execute cycle of CPU.
  48. Differentiate between RAM and ROM?

ICS 1st year important

  1. Differentiate between Interrupt and DMA.
  2. Define EPROM and EEPROM?
  3. Describe the purpose of segment registers?
  4. What is register? Write main categories of registers.
  5. Write about biometrics.
  6. Define backup.
  7. Give some examples of latest anti-virus software.
  8. What do you mean by computer security?
  9. Write the benefit of password.
  10. What is copyright?
  11. What is a password?
  12. What is privacy? How is data privacy ensured?
  13. Differentiate between boot sector virus and Trojan horse virus?
  14. Describe operating system’s Kernel?
  15. Define the term Plug & Play?
  16. Explain any (My computer, recycle bin, desktop, control panel, windows explorer)
  17. Describe various mouse events or keyboard events?
  18. Distinguish between single-user and multi-user operating system.
  19. Give some example of GUI operating system.
  20. What are the two basic purpose of an operating system?
  21. Differentiate between multitasking and multiprocessing?
  22. What is the print queue?
  23. Differentiate between word processor and text editor?
  24. Define reprographics.
  25. Write shortcut key to print document.
  26. Define the term WYSIWYG?
  27. What is the Clipboard used?
  28. Explain alignment?
  29. Explain the term Gutter.
  30. What are a header and footer in a text document?
  31. What is an indent?
  32. Differentiate between worksheet and workbook.
  33. Differentiate between active cell and passive cell.
  34. Distinguish between formula and function.
  35. List two benefits of spreadsheet.
  36. Define the World Wide Web and a webpage?
  37. What is DNS addressing?
  38. Briefly describe an IP address.
  39. Define Internet.
  40. List four search engines.
  41. List names of some popular web browsers.
  42. Differentiate between URL and Website.
  43. Explain newsgroups.

Long Questions

  1. Briefly explain keyboard.
  2. Briefly explain SDLC (System development life cycle)
  3. What are pointing devices? Explain different types of pointing devices.
  4. What are source data entry devices (direct input devices)? Explain different types.

ICS 1st year important

What are printers? Briefly explain their various types. (Impact printer OR Non-impact

Describe the OSI Model? Also describe its various layers.

Describe the topology. Describe different types of topologies.

Explain Network protocols and its types.

Briefly describe the Bridges, Router and Gateways?

What is data coding? Describe various data coding schemes.

What are signals? Distinguish between analog signal and digital signal.

What is communication channel? Briefly explain commonly used unguided Medias

Briefly explain the uses of computers in different fields?

What are the benefits of computers?

Briefly explain the Central Processing Unit?

Explain the component buses in the bus interconnection?

Define computer language and discuss its types. (High level and low level language)

What is a translator? Briefly explain different translators. (Language processors)

#What is a computer virus? What are the causes of computer viruses?

#What is data security? Briefly discuss different security threats to data security.

Give a comparison of GUI and Command Line Interface operating Systems?

Describe various objects Windows Operating System?

Define Graphs/Charts. Explain elements of chart.

History of Internet OR explains Birth of Internet.

(Practical Programs)

  1. Write a procedure to change screen saver.
  2. Write a procedure to draw borders around the paragraph.
  3. Write a procedure to change paragraph spacing in MS-Word.
  4. Write a procedure to insert column before column D and row before row 3.
  5. Write a procedure to add five numbers in MS-Excel.
  6. Write the steps to rename programs on Start Menu.
  7. Write down the steps Cut, Copy and Paste.
  8. Draw a border around the paragraph.
  9. Calculate the Square, Cube and Square root.
  10. Write the steps to draw a Chart/Graph in Worksheet.
  11. Write a procedure to change date and time in windows.
  12. Write the procedure to make text bold, underline and italic using keyboard in MS-Word.
  13. Write a procedure to insert new sheet in MS-Excel. Rename it to MySheet and delete the
    insert sheet.
  14. Write the procedure to divide and multiple two numbers in MS-Excel.
  15. Discuss different events of mouse and keyboard.
  16. Explain different ways of editing text in MS-Word.
  17. Write the procedure for rotating text.

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