Matric 10th Class Pak Studies Past Papers BISE Federal Board

students can check Pak studies 10th class past papers right here. 10th Class Pak Studies Past Papers BISE Federal Board.

The most important part of any study is the exams that test whether you are capable of what you have studied throughout the year. The matriculation system in Pakistan is slightly different from other countries. The two years of Class 9, also called Part 1 and Class 10, also called Part 2, are very important for a child to have so that they can get a further and better education.

Matric 10th class Pak Studies Past Papers

Pakistan Studies is that subject which students mostly study in Urdu as Mutala Pakistan. This subject is all about Pakistan our country, politics, economics, how the country Pakistan came into being. The main target is the past relationship of India, sub-continent Indo-pak fights before the independence. How our beloved Quaid-e-Azam lead Muslims and take over the Hindu community or the party Congress. And lead Muslim League in front. Moreover what is cultural, the tradition of Pakistan, local foods their languages, the way that they live, their styles of life.

Some pure village and the urban life comparison. As beyond this some constitutions of Pakistan also your course content. Bangladesh that at ones is a part of Pakistan but later after a fight in 1965 it becomes a new country their constitutions. And the reason for fights also a big topic for preparations as well the most important topics are Mughal Emperors and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan these topics must prepare in your annual exams.

Pakistan Studies SSC Part II Past Papers Fderal Board

Past papers help you to understand not only the questions but also the style of the board exam. There are certain rules and regulations that must be followed to pass your exam without making any unethical mistakes. This is why past papers play an important role in understanding how the system works and how to conduct your exam without having to panic in the exam hall.

We know that our education system in our country is divided into two categories. English Medium and Urdu Medium. For both mediums, you can find past papers on this website. They have past papers of Matric Part 2 who have studied English in English medium schools of Lahore and 10th class Urdu medium schools of Multan as well as for those students of Multan who have chosen Urdu medium school for themselves. BISE Federal Board 10th class Pak Studies Past Papers.

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