How to Earn Money with Binance P2P Trading

Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm and Binance P2P Trading is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. If you are looking to earn money with crypto, Binance provides numerous opportunities to do so. In this article, we will explore different ways to earn money with crypto Binance, from buying and holding coins to trading and staking.

Main Takeaways

  • There are many ways to earn money with crypto, but one of the simplest ways involves using the Binance P2P product in tandem with Binance Earn. 
  • Binance P2P lets users buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly with other users, while Binance Earn allows new and experienced crypto users to easily earn money on their existing crypto assets. 
  • There are many ways to generate passive income with Binance Earn, from savings products with flexible and locked terms to more advanced products including DeFi staking, automated market makers (AMMs) and more. 
  • Binance users can transfer crypto assets from Binance Earn to Binance P2P and sell their crypto assets easily in exchange for their preferred local currency.

Many venture into the much-hyped and tempting world of cryptocurrencies in hopes of making some money. Users just starting their crypto journey are faced with a barrage of offers from companies promoting easy income generating opportunities that seem highly effective—at first glance.

There are many ways to earn small amounts of cryptocurrencies, including airdrops, contests, sales rounds, bug hunts, sign up promotions, and more. However, most of the more profitable practices like trading, interest earning products, or mining often have a higher barrier of entry and may seem complicated and inaccessible for crypto novices.

Though many of the financial mechanisms within DeFi space are risky and often bear minimal returns, there is a more efficient, safer, and easier way of generating income from cryptocurrencies. The Binance P2P exchange provides crypto users with the opportunity to earn crypto rewards from Binance Earn. 

This article will help explain the interface and how the products provided by Binance work. But first, let’s take a closer look at what Binance P2P is and what it has to offer.

What Is Binance P2P?

Binance P2P is a cryptocurrency exchange that has won the trust of millions of users. P2P stands for “peer-to-peer”, meaning that the trading process takes place directly between the buying and selling parties. There is no need to engage any third-parties for mediation since their role is assumed by the exchange itself, which ensures the safe conduct of every transaction. Users are protected from fraud by the platform’s mechanisms, which will not conduct any transaction until both parties confirm that its underlying terms have been met.

The process is similar to that of an exchange, where users give away a certain currency and receive another in exchange. But how does this work in practice?

It’s actually very simple and reminiscent of any real-world over-the-counter transaction. You post your offer and set the main parameters, including the amount, price, and method of payment. The buyer accepts your offer and the funds in your wallet are temporarily frozen. The transaction is registered by the platform, and the buyer must complete the payment within a certain period of time. The platform then confirms the payment, which releases the frozen assets from custody and deposits them into the buyer’s account.

During this process, the Binance P2P platform takes on a minimum role, which results in a significant reduction of commission fees (down to zero!), but at the same time providing users with a high degree of protection from dishonest buyers and sellers.

How to Earn More with Binance Earn’s Locked Savings

Binance Earn allows users to without requiring much time, effort, and in-depth knowledge. This method of passive income opportunity allows users to profit from not only HODLing but also growing it.

There are several ways to generate income using Binance Earn. Let’s take a look at each of them separately.

  • Flexible Savings. This method involves receiving interest rewards just for keeping funds in a wallet. If the user suddenly changes their mind, they can withdraw the deposit at any time. Not a bad option if one has a temporarily idle amount of money.
  • Locked Savings. This method is similar to Flexible Savings but differs by offering a higher interest rate and limited access to the frozen assets. In this case, the funds are blocked for a specific period of time, usually from 7 to 90 days, during which the funds will not be made available for use.
  • Activities. These are events and offers that are valid for a limited period of time. They are often more profitable than holding locked savings, but require users to keep an eye out for them so as not to miss the opportunity.
  • Locked Staking. This method is similar to Locked Savings, but offers rewards in exchange for staking crypto. Staking some coins gives more flexibility in managing staked crypto, as Locked Staking releases user funds after 48-72 hours. Read more on How to Use Locked Staking. 
  • Launchpool. This is a platform for mining new tokens that are launched on the exchange. Users can send their funds to the pool to mine a new token, thus financing their launch.
  • Dual investment. This method allows users to be exposed to two currencies, in exchange for a significantly higher yield in a short amount of time. Users have the flexibility to choose desired strike price, APY, and deposit duration.
  • Binance Liquid Swap. This tool gives users the opportunity to become an Automated Market Maker (AMM) by depositing tokens, thus providing liquidity, and receiving interest on the exchange of the tokens.
  • BNB Vault. A safe and hassle-free tool for users who do not want to get into any of the complexities of figuring out crypto asset strategies. This aggregator combines all the methods described above to generate income.

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Buy and Hold Cryptocurrencies

One of the simplest ways to make money with Crypto Binance is to buy and hold cryptocurrencies. This is also known as “HODLing” in the cryptocurrency world. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a Crypto Binance account.
  2. Deposit funds into your account.
  3. Choose which cryptocurrency you want to buy.
  4. Purchase the cryptocurrency and hold onto it.
  5. Wait for the value of the cryptocurrency to increase.
  6. Sell the cryptocurrency for a profit.

Of course, this is easier said than done. Cryptocurrency prices can be incredibly volatile, and it’s not uncommon for prices to fluctuate wildly in a short period of time.

Trade Cryptocurrencies

Another way to make money with Crypto Binance is to trade cryptocurrencies. This involves buying and selling cryptocurrencies on a regular basis in order to take advantage of price fluctuations. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a Crypto Binance account.
  2. Deposit funds into your account.
  3. Choose which cryptocurrency you want to trade.
  4. Monitor the price of the cryptocurrency.
  5. Buy the cryptocurrency when the price is low.
  6. Sell the cryptocurrency when the price is high.
  7. Repeat this process on a regular basis.

Again, this is easier said than done. Cryptocurrency trading requires a lot of skill, knowledge, and patience. It’s important to do your research and understand the market before diving in.

Participating in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are another way to make money with Crypto Binance. ICOs are similar to initial public offerings (IPOs) in the stock market. They allow companies to raise money by selling cryptocurrency tokens to investors. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for a Crypto Binance account.
  2. Find an ICO that you’re interested in investing in.

How To Transfer Assets From a P2P Wallet To a Spot Wallet

In some circumstances, you may want to trade on a traditional cryptocurrency exchange. To transfer your funds from Binance P2P to Binance’s cryptocurrency exchange, you’ll need to move your funds from your P2P wallet to your Spot wallet. 

The term “Spot” comes from “Spot Markets”, which are markets where financial assets can be traded for immediate delivery—or “on the spot”. Most mainstream exchanges connect buyers and sellers to Spot markets by default. Your aptly named Spot wallet stores the funds you can use to trade on Binance’s spot markets.

The first way to transfer your tokens from a P2P wallet to a Spot wallet is the easiest. When you purchase some tokens, a corresponding button will appear on your screen. However, if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity, you will need to perform several actions to transfer your money at a later time.

1. On the top navigation bar, tap the “P2P” button.

2. Select the coin you want to transfer from the list of assets that appears on screen and tap “Transfer”.

3. Select “Spot Wallet” in the upper right field and enter the transfer amount. Tap “Confirm Transfer”.

4. Verify the amount transferred to your spot wallet by going to the “Fiat And Spot” tab.

1. Understanding Binance

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in 2017. It has become one of the most popular exchanges in the world due to its user-friendly interface, low fees, and vast selection of cryptocurrencies. Binance also offers various features and tools for users to earn money with crypto.

2. Buying and Holding Coins

The simplest way to earn money with crypto Binance is by buying and holding coins. Cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile, so it is important to do your research and invest wisely. Binance offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance Coin (BNB). You can buy and hold these coins in your Binance wallet and wait for their value to increase over time.

3. Trading on Binance

Another way to earn money with crypto Binance is by trading cryptocurrencies. Binance offers a user-friendly trading platform that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with ease. You can trade cryptocurrencies against other cryptocurrencies or against fiat currencies like USD or EUR.

4. What is Staking on Binance?

Staking is another way to earn money with crypto Binance. Staking involves holding cryptocurrencies in your wallet and earning rewards for participating in the network. Binance supports staking for various cryptocurrencies, including Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT), and many others.

5. Binance Launchpad

Binance Launchpad is a platform for launching new cryptocurrencies. By investing in a new cryptocurrency through Binance Launchpad, you can potentially earn high returns if the project is successful.

6. Binance Savings

Binance Savings is a feature that allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies. By depositing your cryptocurrencies into a Binance Savings account, you can earn interest on them over time. The interest rates vary depending on the cryptocurrency and the duration of the savings plan.

7. Online Binance Earns

Binance Earn is a feature that allows you to earn passive income with cryptocurrencies. Binance offers various investment products, such as flexible savings, locked savings, and high-yield products. By investing in these products, you can earn interest or returns on your cryptocurrencies.

8. Binance Referral Program

Binance also offers a referral program that allows you to earn commission by referring new users to the platform. By sharing your referral link, you can earn a percentage of your friend’s trading fees on Binance.

9. Risks and Considerations

Earning money with crypto Binance can be highly profitable, but it also comes with high risks. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile, and their value can fluctuate rapidly. It is important to do your research and invest wisely.


Binance Earn provides many flexible tools for generating passive income. Beginners will find it easy to get accustomed to the platform’s intuitive interface in no time. If you are looking for ways of generating some returns on your cryptocurrency holdings, you now know where to find them.

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