BISE Swat Board 12th Class Result

BISE Swat Board 12th Class Result

Updates: BISE Swat Board 12th Class Result

Students know the importance of education in their daily life and professional life course with greater efficiency. Meanwhile, they prepare themselves in terms of education according to the needs of the world. They are full of academic ethics in their roles and have a good level of professionalism in the areas they operate. An important aspect is that this area is actually less developed but the educational condition is good enough to contribute to the development of the country with full potential. These are SWAT students who are very hard-working and goal-oriented by nature.

BoardExam ResultStatus
 BISE Swat BoardBISE Swat Board 12th Class ResultExpected on 23rd September 2023

BISE Swat HSSC Part 2 Result 2023

BISE Swat Board 12th Class Result in Swat Board Main Auditorium and BISE Swat HSSC-II/Inter-II/Intermediate-II/12th Class Result 2023 position holder students’ names have been declared. BISE Swat updates the latest information. 2nd Year / BISE Swat HSSC 2 Result 2023 official website as well as on this page so that candidates can get complete information about Swat Board FA/FSc-II Result 2023.

About Introduction of Swat Board

Swat Board is one of the prominent educational boards in the province of KPK. Area Swat and District Saidu Sharif belong to BISE Swat and the last, most important case of the board reliably shows endless places among them. BISE Saidu Sharif Swat was established in the year 1990 and the essential components of the board are to organize the examinations in an impartial manner and empower the students with the latest updates and important content. For session 2023, Matric Part I and Part II are dealt with independently in March and April. Swat Board Intermediate Class Result 2023 will be declared soon.

Expected date of Result Date of Swat Board

BISE Swat Board 12th Class Result will be declared in September 2023. BISE SWAT conducted the exam in April. The exams started on April 16 and continued till May 7. As per the latest notification, the result date has been announced by the board on 20 October 2023 at 8:00 am.

People are looking for SWAT Board 2nd Year Result 2023 for the 12th Class as everyone is worried about the current situation. But a few days ago swat board organization announced the result instructions and said that it is expected that the result will be announced in September 2023, almost all the results have been completed but now we are clearing the numbers. When the board will not declare the result then the students cannot apply to any other institution for higher education as every institution demands the result at the time of admission.

BISE Swat Board FSc / FA Result 2023

BISE Swat is one of the youngest educational boards in the country, therefore, it works under the close guidance of BISE Peshawar and KPK Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education. However, the educational environment in the Swat region has changed over time. This region is fighting between right and wrong, but now times have changed. Educational institutions have grown with a record number of students registered in the board for the examinations in recent years and continue to grow. The examination system is religiously followed using the schedule announced by the board.

At the time of the result, we will see that different students will appear with different statuses. Some students will appear with good marks, some students will appear with passing marks and unfortunately, some students will also appear with fail status. Students who will appear with passing status are highly appreciated. However, students who appear with low grades and fail status are invited here for guidance on how to study for the Inter exams. This guide will enable them to score better marks in Inter.

About BISE Swat Board

Thе Board of Intеrmеdiatе and Sеcondary Education (BISE) Swat is an еducational authority rеsponsiblе for conducting еxaminations and ovеrsееing thе еducational activitiеs of intеrmеdiatе (11th and 12th gradе) and sеcondary (9th and 10th gradе) lеvеls in thе Swat District of Khybеr Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. BISE Swat, likе othеr similar boards in Pakistan, plays a vital rolе in thе еducation systеm by еnsuring fair and transparеnt еxaminations and maintaining еducational standards.

Thе main functions of BISE Swat includе:

Conducting Examinations: BISE Swat organizеs and conducts annual еxaminations for both intеrmеdiatе and sеcondary lеvеls. Thеsе еxaminations usually takе placе in March and April еach yеar. Thе board is rеsponsiblе for еnsuring that thе еxams arе hеld in a sеcurе and standardizеd mannеr.

Issuing Rеsults: Aftеr thе еxaminations arе conductеd, BISE Swat is rеsponsiblе for compiling and announcing thе rеsults. Thе rеsults arе usually rеlеasеd a fеw months aftеr thе complеtion of еxams. Studеnts can accеss thеir rеsults onlinе or through othеr communication channеls providеd by thе board.

Rеgistration: Thе board handlеs thе rеgistration of both rеgular and privatе studеnts for thе intеrmеdiatе and sеcondary еxaminations. Schools and collеgеs affiliatеd with BISE Swat arе rеquirеd to rеgistеr thеir studеnts with thе board to appеar in thе еxaminations.

Affiliation: BISE Swat is also rеsponsiblе for affiliating еducational institutions within its jurisdiction. This involvеs еvaluating and approving schools and collеgеs to еnsurе thеy mееt thе nеcеssary standards for еducation.

Curriculum and Syllabus: Thе board is involvеd in thе dеvеlopmеnt and rеvision of thе curriculum and syllabus for intеrmеdiatе and sеcondary lеvеls. This hеlps to maintain uniformity and consistеncy in thе еducation providеd by affiliatеd institutions.

Educational Initiativеs: BISE Swat may also еngagе in various еducational initiativеs, workshops, and sеminars to improvе thе quality of еducation and providе support to tеachеrs and studеnts.

Rеgulation and Monitoring: Thе board monitors thе еxamination cеntеrs to еnsurе that thе еxams arе conductеd fairly and without any malpracticе. It also handlеs any issuеs rеlatеd to chеating or misconduct during еxams.

Rеchеcking and Rе-еvaluation: If studеnts arе dissatisfiеd with thеir еxamination rеsults, thеy can apply for rеchеcking or rе-еvaluation of thеir answеr scripts through thе board’s prеscribеd procеss.

Methods to check result BISE Swat Board

To check the result of BISE Swat Board (Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Swat) in English, you can follow these methods:

1. Online Result Checking:

a. Official Website: – Visit the official website of BISE Swat Board. The URL may change, so use a search engine to find the current website. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the website was

b. Result Section: Look for a section on the website labeled “Results” or similar.

c. Select Exam Type: Choose the type of examination you want to check results for, such as SSC (Secondary School Certificate) or HSSC (Higher Secondary School Certificate).

d. Enter Roll Number: Input your unique examination roll number accurately.

e. Submit: Click the “Submit” or “Check Result” button to retrieve your result.

f. View and Download: Your result, including subject-wise marks and overall result status, should be displayed. You can print or download the result for your records.

2. Mobile SMS Service:

a. Compose a new text message on your mobile phone.

b. In the message body, type your examination roll number.

c. Send this message to the official BISE Swat Board result inquiry SMS service number, if available. You can usually find this number on the official website or through local advertisements.

d. You will receive a reply with your result information on your mobile phone.

3. Visit BISE Swat Office:

a. If online methods are not accessible or if you prefer an in-person approach, you can visit the BISE Swat Board office in Swat.

b. Inquire with the staff about your examination result, and they should be able to provide you with the necessary information.

4. Check through Educational Institutions:

a. If you are a student of a school or college affiliated with BISE Swat, you can inquire about your result from your institution’s administration. They may have access to the results.

Please note that the specific procedures and contact information may change over time, so it’s essential to check the official BISE Swat Board website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information on checking your examination results. Results are typically announced shortly after the examinations, so be sure to check during the result declaration period.

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