Apply for Sehat Insaf Card Online

Apply For Sehat Insaf Card Online

Sehat Insaf Card 2023

Sehat Insaf Card: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Sahat Insaf Card on December 13, 2001. The purpose of this card was to provide free treatment to poor and deserving people who could not get treatment due to a lack of money. You can get free treatment up to 10 Lakhs through any hospital; a good hospital supports your Insaf Card, so you don’t have to face any problems.

It is an insaf sehat card of national policy Pakistan launched to care for people’s health.

How To Apply For Sehat Insaf Card

Lakhs of working poor families under this program can get their treatment free of cost without any financial obligation. They can avail of their patient care services in any good hospital.

The Sahat Insaf Card allows you to avail of health services at many public and private hospitals in remote areas where you can access these facilities and get treatment for diseases like love.

 Eligibility Criteria 

You do not have to have any Documents to be eligible for a program. Everyone can benefit from a Sehat card if you are Pakistani and have an ID card. Anyone had to apply for it, but now the government of Pakistan, looking at this thing, has written 10 lakhs on the identity card of every person avoiding the application process, those people who could not get the card by showing their identity card. You can get your treatment from any hospital.

Ehsaas Kafalat Program Online Registration

  • You need an ID Card Only. 
  • Go to the hospital any. 
  • Check Your ID card 
  • And admit yourself or your patience 
  • Enjoy 

How to Apply for a Sehat Insaf Card and Check Eligibility 

  • If you want to get this Sahat Insaf card or want to check about it you can make yourself eligible for this program by processing your complaint not only online.
  • To check your eligibility through SMS, you have to send your ID card number to 8500 to 9780
  • To check Alita online, you must visit the government’s official website and give your ID card to the public to know about it.
  • To check eligibility through mobile, download a health card application from your play store
  • If your name is not listed in the list of eligible persons and you feel it is due to some mistake, you can contact the Complaint Center. 0800-09009 Monday to Friday 042 99205765, 99203694 09 AM to 05 PM 042 99333604,99333605
  • Remember that your ID card number is your health card; you can get treatment from any hospital through your ID card number.
  • Also, if you want to use Sahat Insaf Card, someone else in your household may need to take your ID card to the ID card hospital.
  • Children below 18 years of age who wish to use health cards can use their health cards at Befafa and carry their parent’s identity cards along with them.
  • In case of medical treatment, refer to the specific container and do not show the ID card number.
  • Get free treatment. After the patient is admitted to the hospital, the cost of the treatment will be charged from the Health Insaf card; you will not pay any money.

Sehat Insaf Card Check Online

If you also have an application for Insaaf Card and go to check whether you have been profiled, you want to go online; first of all, you have it on the Govt Official website. The button Check Eligibility will see that it is to enter your ID card number, and after doing the entry, you are waiting on it. You will see the status o your screen.

Treatment Packages 

Under Sahat Insaf Card, you are given different packages in which your patient is treated differently.

First package Pramiry package Under the package, all cardholders have initially treated with a small package, i.e., Rs.three lakh per family per annum. If there are more diseases, then this amount can also be increased.

In the second stage of health justice, up to 6 lakhs are treated, that too per family, if it is necessary, if the condition of the patient is more critical, then the maximum amount of six lakhs is increased. The sale is based on the condition of the patient. It is done so the patient can be cured as soon as possible.

  • In-patient services 
  • Heart diseases
  • Diabetes mellitus completion
  • Burns and accidents
  • Kidney diseases/ dialysis
  • Chronic infections (Hepatitis/HIV).
  • Organ failure (Liver, Kidney, Heart, Lungs)
  • Cancer (Chemo, Radio)

Sehat Insaf Card Hospitals List. 

ProvinceCityHospital Name
PunjabRajanpurRehman Hospital Rajanpur
PunjabKhushabBhatti Hospital
PunjabKhushabRana Medical Complex
PunjabDera Ghazi KhanAllied Surgical Hospital
PunjabMuzaffargarhCity Medical And Surgical Complex Jatoi
PunjabMultanAli General Hospital Multan
PunjabSargodhaNiazi Medical Complex Sargodha
PunjabDera Ghazi KhanD.g Eye And General Hospital
PunjabNarowalAkram Hospital
PunjabSargodhaMunir Hospital Sargodha
PunjabLeiahSirati Hospital
PunjabLeiahAl Mustafa Surgical Hospital
PunjabLeiahAasia Iqbal Hospital And Trauma Centre
PunjabLeiahAl Hussain Surgical Hospital
PunjabVehariKamal Hospital
PunjabMuzaffargarhZainab Hospital
PunjabMuzaffargarhHealth Care Hospital
PunjabSargodhaKhatam Un Nabiyeen Heart Centre
PunjabHafizabadSaqib Basheer General Hospital
PunjabMultanSouth Punjab Chest Clinic
PunjabMianwaliRehman Laproscopy Hospital
PunjabHafizabadZam Zam Hospital
PunjabMuzaffargarhHashmat Hameed Medical Complex
PunjabRahim Yar KhanSh Zayed Medical College And Hospital
PunjabMianwaliDoctor Eye Clinic
PunjabLahoreBahria International Hospital Mohlanwal
PunjabMultanIbn-E-Sina Hospital And Research Institute
PunjabBhakkarAzhar Mehboob Memorial Hospital
PunjabLodhranAli General Hospital
PunjabBahawalpurAl-Rehman Medical Yazman

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