11th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023 | All Punjab Board

11th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023 | All Punjab Board

11th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board. Some students ask, “What is the benefit of the Islamiat first year paper scheme for the Punjab Board?” Well, to give a proper answer to this, there are many reasons to use the 11th Jamaat-e-Islami Jodi Scheme 2023. One reason is that the curriculum needs to be completely revised.

Throughout the year, students have to maintain a diverse set of information on different subjects which makes it difficult to clearly remember which topics are important, how many short questions from a particular subject in the exam. Will be taken, or inevitably long questions will be tested.

11th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023

Below is the detail of the Paper Pairing Scheme 2023 for all Punjab Board 1st-year Islamiat (Compulsory).

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Below are mentioned the number of MCQs from each chapter of 1st-year Islamiat (Compulsory).

11th class Islamiat (Compulsory) ChaptersNo of MCQs
سورتالانفال 4
احادیث 2
موضوعاتی مطالعہ4

Short Questions

Question #2:  (Attempt Any 06 questions out of 09)

11th class Islamiat (Compulsory) ChaptersNo of Question
سورۃ انفال9

Question #3: (Attempt Any 06 questions out of 09)

11th class Islamiat (Compulsory) ChaptersNo of Question
احادیث 3
موضوعاتی مطالعہ6



ChapterLong Question
تین میں سے کسی ایک آیت کا ترجمہ1


ChapterLong Question
ایک حدیث کا ترجمہ اور تشریح1


ChapterLong Question
ایک موضوع پر جامع نوٹ1

Download 11th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023

The Islamic Diagnostic Scheme 2023 tells students exactly what they need to study to pass their exams. Accompanying your study sessions with the 11th grade Islamiat Paper Scheme 2023 will be useful as you will know how much hard work you need to study. You don’t want to spend hours on topics that aren’t included in the exam and want to waste your precious time. Study carefully and effectively with Lahore Board Assessment Scheme 2023. Use this time to your advantage and follow the past papers of Islamiat with a detailed assessment scheme. It is important to practice past papers to clarify concepts, and it has been scientifically proven that self-examination of topics can help you remember more.

View Online 11th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023

Combining diagnostic schemes with a complete review and past paperwork can dramatically improve your score. Now when you are going to get the Islamiat 11 Class Paper Scheme 2023, you have to prepare yourself according to this peering scheme. Even if you prepare short questions, it will be to your advantage and there will be barely 100 questions in the textbook and the final test will be with those questions. The Pairing scheme is nothing but a pattern in which you will know which chapter is important and which chapter can be omitted.

Benefits of Using the Pairing Scheme

Here are some of the benefits of using the 11th Class Islamiat Pairing Scheme 2023:

  1. Effective Study Plan: The pairing scheme provides students with a clear distribution of marks for each chapter, allowing them to create an effective study plan. By following the weightage, students can allocate their time and efforts effectively and focus on the topics that carry more weightage in the exam.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: The pairing scheme ensures that all topics and chapters of the syllabus are covered in the exam. By following the scheme, students can be confident that they have studied all the important topics and are well-prepared for the exam.
  3. Increased Confidence: By following the pairing scheme, students can feel more confident in their exam preparation. They can approach the exam with a clear understanding of what to expect and how to answer the questions, which can reduce anxiety and improve performance.


Is the pairing scheme official?

Yes, the pairing scheme provided in this post is based on the official guidelines of the All Punjab Board.

Can I solely rely on the pairing scheme for exam preparation?

While the pairing scheme is a useful tool, it is essential to study the entire syllabus and understand each topic thoroughly.

Where can I find the detailed syllabus for the 11th Class Islamiat exam?

You can find the detailed syllabus on the official website of the All Punjab Board or consult your respective institution.

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