10th Class Matric Computer Science Past Papers BISE DG Khan Board

Students can check computer science 10th class past papers right here. 10th Class Computer Science Past Papers BISE DG Khan Board.

Past papers are an important tool for review, allowing students to see how their review is going and review areas for improvement. Just asking questions, perhaps in the current circumstances, and consulting the Mark Scheme is helpful. However, too much of this can lead students to place too much emphasis on the role of the Mark Scheme in their success and to place less emphasis on homework and other forms of review.

10th class Computer science Past Papers BISE DG Khan Board

Most students rely solely on the past tense because they do not believe they can do other independent work. Here are ten learning activities to do with past papers that also develop profound cognitive skills for successful chemistry students.

For each reaction described in the paper, describe the process with reactants and product physical conditions and observations during the reaction. It helps to create a chemical general understanding of the symbolic representation of a process with the microscopic domain. What to look for in a test tube or flask.

However, you can control your expectations by preparing your mind. Past exam papers will help you to get acquainted with the exam questions. As a result, you can have peace of mind because you know what you can get in the exam. Don’t spend nights with headaches and insomnia because you haven’t prepared your mind. Find past exam papers to help you.
Students usually have trouble when exams are approaching. Their minds keep thinking about what the exams will be like and whether they will get their best marks. Some get sick because they can’t handle the pressure inside them.


Doing past exam papers can train you to manage your exam time well. All you need to do is give yourself time to go through them. Imagine this is a school exam you are taking and divide the time allotted between all the questions. Check that you have handled all the questions before the time runs out. Better if you have, but work on it if you don’t have.

Exam questions are presented in different formats. Some have multiple-choice questions, while others are in the form of articles. As a student, you need to familiarize yourself with these different formats to increase your confidence. You will find continuous assessments (CA1, CA2) and semester assessments (SA1, SA2) on this site. Students sit for CA1 at the end of the first term (late February or early March), while SA1 is done in May at the end of the second term. CA2, on the other hand, is tested at the end of Term 3, at the end of August, while SA2 at the end of the final term, probably in November. BISE DG Khan Board 10th class Computer science Past Papers.

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